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So much more than just a lecture or webinar, the Bball Crucible Workshops program is professional, interactive, and packed with practical information. You learn the core skills of coaching in an easy-to-understand format and practice those skills throughout the session. Our SCS-certified coach instructors create an energetic, supportive environment that makes learning fun and rewarding.  When you complete any of the Bball Crucible training 1 thru 7, you will emerge enthusiastically equipped with premium-quality tools and information. Most of all, you'll be ready to confidently embark on your journey as a professional coach.




The Bball Crucible Coaching Seminars Series are the finest coaching development program available today. Bball Crucible’s coach training methodology is used by many of the best and most progressive organizations in the world. 

Our seminars are offered in sequentially designed levels to develop, grow and foster competent, confident and courageous leaders. Each seminar is 2 days in length, face-to-face instructional learning plus follow-up learning options.  With each seminar, you receive:

  • Highly qualified instructors with International coaching credentials with a rich background in successful sports leadership
  • State of the art learning experiences scaffold the “what”, the “why” and most importantly the “how” in coaching leadership
  • Learning materials for ongoing reference and future use
  • Monthly learning connections through our website, videos, and Blogs

What Can Bball Crucible do for you?

Practice Anyone?

Bball Crucible offers full-service, turnkey practice sessions for all age levels.  A global company, Bball Crucible has created many popular, training-critical, and results driven practices for teams, organizations, and associations.  

Giving coaches back their time


The availability of various coaching tools offered on the internet can makes the coaches job easier, however, what youth coach has the time and energy to literally search thousands of practice and coaching materials from books and videos? The answer is no one does.

Our team of sports and education experts design practice plans that remove a significant amount of stress and season planning from the coach’s shoulders. Our personalized ready to use season practice packages is a luxury compared to the handwritten format of the past. Practice planning and organization are also explained and presented in internet format, with tips of game strategies.  Parents can be confident that their coach has been provided with materials that have been designed by coaches and educational professionals.

How do we do it?

Bball Crucible is ready to assist you in planning, designing and building a practice plan for your entire season. Following the sports coaching system (SCS) Bball Crucible helps to create blended, theme-based practices for multiple age levels and experience. We design and develop fully customized coaching packages for coaches, as well as coaching and team season materials. 

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