What Parents Say


Client Reviews


Aimee (client)

My son loves working with Coach Coleman! He's very patient while still pushing him to work hard.

Shawn (client)

I spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect fit for my daughter. I came across Coach Coleman and to say his credentials were eye popping was an understatement. I thought to myself this is the Coach for my daughter and after one day removed from her 1st session I know he is. Yes his knowledge is obvious, but the way he interacted with my daughter was awesome. He was patient and very engaging the entire time. My expectations were blown away and I left very excited. More importantly my daughter was even more excited about the thought of working with Coach Coleman going forward. We will definitely be booking another training session. If I could give Coach Coleman 6 stars, I would!!

Johnny (client)

Excellent coach!!!!

Marissa (client)

We had our first lesson with Coach Coleman this weekend and I was very impressed with him. He really took the time evaluate my daughter's skill level - found her strengths and weaknesses and worked according to those. We (both my daughter and I) are very excited to work with him going forward! Thanks Coach

Lyndsay (client)

Coach Keith was a great coach! My daughter is very new to basketball and he was very patient, fun and motivating. We look forward to more sessions!

Chi (client)

Excellent coach. He commanded the stage and attracted the boys's attention in that one hour. He showed them the techniques that they never had an opportunity to learn. He is a class above. Thank you coach for your help!

Paul (CoachUp client)

This will be a different review than most. I played football for over 20 years at multiple levels so needlessly to say I've been around lots of coaches in my lifetime. The moment I shook Coach Coleman’s hand I knew there was something different about this one. Well I was right. He served as an officer in the Marine Corp and is currently retired. While in the service he had the opportunity to work closely with Gen Colin Powell's Team. As a parent this speaks volumes to me as I'm constantly trying to show my son positive examples of male leadership in a world where quite frankly "Where have all the men gone?" 

Coach Coleman is a fantastic coach that really has the experience to coach kids to the next level of play and basketball intelligence. His basketball resume speaks for itself. He's got just enough of that old school coach in him that kids need these days!!! My son really responded well to him. We will definitely be back!!



What is Bball Crucible?

Bball Crucible defines itself as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional coaching potential, which is particularly important in today’s uncertain and complex youth sports environment. Bball Crucible honor the client as the expert in his or her professional life and believe every client can bring some of that creative, resourcefulness and intelligent to their season. Using this as a foundation, Bball Crucible’s responsibility is to:

  • Discover, clarify, and align with what the client wants to achieve for their season
  • Encourage client self-discovery as a coach
  • Assist client-generated coaching solutions and strategies
  • Help the client be the best coach they can be

This process helps clients dramatically improve their outlook on basketball, while improving their leadership skills and unlocking their coaching potential.


What if I have has never played or coach before?

No problem! For many participants, Bball Crucible is their first introduction to sports.

Our qualified staff ensures that all ability levels are catered for and every coach receives the individual attention they deserve.


What has caused the tremendous growth for Bball Crucible??

 Bball Crucible has grown significantly for many reasons, among them:

  • Rapid changes are taking place in youth sports especially basketball.
  • Expansion of sports programs, restructuring of company work hours, and other organizational changes have radically altered the "traditional voluntary coach. ” Youth sporting organizations can no longer achieve proper team creation using traditional voluntary coaches with just previous sports experience.
  • With the growing shortage of experienced coaches in basketball, youth organizations must commit to alternative training methods for new coaches.
  • The disparity between what new coaches need to learn and the time they have to devote to the educational process.
  • Traditional “Basketball Moms” are now open to becoming “Basketball Coaches” with the help of Bball Crucible.
  • Individuals who have experienced the excellent results of Bball Crucible training are talking to more people about it.
  • Parents today are more open to the idea of their child being coached by less experienced coaches that are well trained, as a tradeoff to more playing time and the child’s overall enjoyment of their season.

In short, Bball Crucible helps individuals focus on what matters most in a season . . . the players, and so the company continues to grow. 


How can you determine if Bball Crucible is right for you?

To determine whether you could benefit from Bball Crucible, start by summarizing what you would expect to accomplish in coaching practices for the upcoming sports season. When an individual has a fairly clear idea of the desired outcome, a Bball Crucible partnership can be a useful tool for developing a strategy for how to achieve that outcome with greater ease.

Since using Bball Crucible is a partnership, ask yourself whether collaboration, other viewpoints, and new perspectives would be helpful. Also, ask yourself whether you are ready to devote the time and the energy to making a real change in your child’s youth sports experience. If the answer is yes, then using Bball Crucible may be a beneficial way to grow and develop yourself as a coach.

Testimonials By Levels

Middle School

  "Thanks to Coach Coleman and his staff for running a fantastic coaching clinic.  All the coaches who attended learned a lot, and it was extremely beneficial to learn different coaching techniques. The clinic was advanced enough to challenge the more experienced coaches, while still being completely accessible to those just starting out.  The clinic provided both theoretical and practical assistance in teaching basketball, and I have already begun incorporating some of them into my weekly practices, with positive results.  I personally enjoyed the clinic and I look forward to attending another event in the future!"

-Jenifer Harris
Head Coach of Johnston Middle School  


  “This was my first experience with any coach's training. It was a very positive experience and  left me inspired to continue improving my coaching practice and to continue to development my new coaching philosophy.  The instructors were supportive and professional. They
gave an excellent weekend training which was beneficial to all the participants.
They conducted an excellent clinic that was informative, and yet efficient and organized. I especially enjoyed learning the “WAVA Basketball System”. Who better to learn it from then the man who invented it? Thank you again for going out of your way to bring the first ever
Bball Crucible training to Dallas, and for encouraging me to take basic basketball coaching training.

Vince Ferguson
Head coach, YMCA “Rockets”  


   "The passion and dedication of the instructors was amazing. This opportunity was more than I expected. The Crucible staff were very good presenters and especially helpful as clinicians (professional), and made the weekend a lot of fun as well. Having instructed, coached, and taught basketball for many years, I do appreciate their hard work and the new information they shared. I learned a great deal of practical information that I can apply in my regular basketball practices with my church team.  Equally important, I got a deeper sense of how much more there is to learn, and a better understanding of how I can continue to develop my skills and knowledge in order to become a better teacher and coach.  A heartfelt "Thank you!" to Bball Crucible staff.”

Dr. James Letterman
Church League Basketball Club