Here is what they say:

 In an era of strength and speed in athletics I  find it funny how so many “experts” on basketball can NOT see what  Coach Coleman has done with this video.  He has given all of us a look  into the future of basketball.  I know there are some people that say  this cannot work, but I beg to differ.  In order to really grasp the  depth of this video one must look back at the history of sports, so  let’s take professional football for example.   The two minute offense,  no-huddle offense and the hurry-up offense,  all were thought of as  something that was never going to work in its inception. Everyone said  it is just a fad, it will not last or catch on…well we all know that is  NOT what happened.  It did catch on to the point where every NFL team  has a two minute, no-huddle, hurry-up offense.  Why, because it disrupts  the defensive strategies and flexibility. Don’t like football let’s  look at basketball…  run and shoot offense.  Another idea that was  thought could never work.  Why you ask, because it was thought to be a  “street ball” basketball tactic.  The mindset was that inter-city  basketball was never going to work at the professional level. Wrong  again.  Every professional and college team has a fast break, run and  shoot offense.

Coach Coleman has helped the speed of the game with his “WAVA” system..   Think about it, speed is what fans want.  Teams that learn to run this  type of offense will have more people coming to see their teams than  those not running the “WAVA” system.  Heck as a society we want things  now, we want instant everything. So why would we(the fans) not want our  sports to be faster and more entertaining?  Also as we know, not every  player will play in the NBA or WNBA.  But they will play at some lower  level.  The problem coaches face is everyone wants to play, but it is  hard to win that way. Parents get upset when they come and their child  does not get into the game. There is also the other side of the coin  where you have the parent who has a more advance child and is upset  because the coach is playing some less talented players and the team  loses.  Coach Coleman’s “WAVA” system gives a coach a way to make both  parents happy.  A chance to play everyone and an opportunity to win, and  win often. If you do not buy this video then you as a coach have just  shot yourself in the foot. OUCH!   So the “WAVA” System of Coach Coleman  is the future of basketball.  Looking at all things fairly…YES!  Honestly, it will not be used in its entirety but smart coaches’ will  take bits and pieces of it and adapted it to their programs in the  future.  Those that don't will be getting blow out of the gyms and  possibly be the coaches losing their jobs because they are not willing  to change.  So for those not seeing the future of basketball I say open  your eyes.  It is the” WAVA”.  Good job Coach Coleman can’t wait to buy  your next DVD. 


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