At the conclusion a coach will:

Write their coaching philosophy


Coaches need to take an honest look at why they are coaching. What do they believe, and what are their views about basketball. What is their outlook on what is right, and what is wrong. Do they understand their duty as a coach?   

Know how to interact with parents and players


  Hardest part of coaching is interacting with parents and players. A coach has to have a firm philosophy when dealing with parents before starting to coach a basketball team.  

Understand how to prepare and conduct practices


 The overwhelming challenge of an inexperience coach is trying to prepare for team practices. The coach is relatively unskilled in this area, and is in need of instruction on how to properly prepare. 

Become a better teacher of basketball


  Most coaches have played the game of basketball, but teaching it to players at different levels of skill all on one team . . . now that is the trick to success.   

Receive a basic understanding of a simple offense and defense that can be easily taught


  Most coaches have no idea what offense and defense to run at the youth level.   

Be a certified trained basketball coach and get free exposure


Having the confidence to call yourself a basketball coach is all in the preparation. Plus every coach that completes the training will be listed on our site for one year free of charge.